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What is an Offer in ShopiAds

If you would like to promote special deals for example : 30-50% OFF or BOGO Offer and have a relevant image set in the collection then you can sync the collection as an Offer.

In this case your collection will be created as an offer in ShopiAds along with the products associated with it.

Offers will be placed on the first page of your Store catalog and also a thumbnail will be highlighted in the Offer mode of the platform.

But in order to make content meaningful for the consumers, we request you to select only those Collection which fits into the criteria of an offer.

To display content at relevant places on platform sometime we might need to re-configure it from our side, in case if it’s not configured correctly or does not fit the criteria.

However you can sync a regular collection as a collection which will list as dropdown menu in your store catalog.


Updated on: 17/04/2024

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